June 11, 2019

i love my girls. like. i LOVE them. i mean. just LOOK at them. and having them makes me want more babies.

i want more babies.

even though i was up at 2:30 and 4am monday night. 2:30 was the baby's time to have a middle of the night conversation through her monitor and th...

May 24, 2019

11 years. i went through all of our photos of the last year to find the ones of just me and david. and i realized. we need to get more photos of just us. ha.

11 years! this time last year we were giving it a go for another baby by birth. ;) we had been on the waiting fa...

May 7, 2019

on april 26 i received a enneathought for the day email from a list a signed up for as an enneagram type 1, the perfectionist/reformer. it read, "as a one, you are part of the frustration-based group. ones are frustrated that the world is not more sensible and orderly....

March 28, 2019

david and i attended a three week class as part of the process of becoming members at ward church. before the last class met on sunday we had to prepare our testimonies. i laughed when we turned them in because mine amounted to three single-spaced pages, and david's ju...

March 13, 2019

sunday morning was our first sunday back at ward church as a family. david and bina went the prior week while juniper and i stayed home to view the broadcast of the service. it was good to be back.

during worship, i was holding juniper while standing and singing. bina s...

March 3, 2019

i can't believe our juniper will be a month old this wednesday, march 6. my last post was at the 34 week mark and she was born at 38 weeks and two days. now here we are almost a month after that. i've been working on this post since we got home from the hospital and wa...

January 8, 2019

34 weeks pregnant. if i am to be induced by 39 weeks, i have four weeks and six days left before major life transition hits.

david and i have now lived in michigan for two and a half years. we've attended our church for almost the same amount of time. in our 10 years of...

January 2, 2019

i'm to the point in pregnancy where i'm seeing the obgyn every two weeks. how did that even happen? my last appointment was the wednesday before christmas and i go again tomorrow. i saw a female doctor from the practice whom i had not met before at my last appointment....

November 27, 2018

a family tradition we started last year is going to see the detroit zoo lights. last year we went the day after thanksgiving and this year we scheduled to go the sunday after. good thing, because we ended up making a last minute trip out to kansas city, mo from tuesday...

October 9, 2018

wednesday evening, september 19, i left with a group of five total women from my mothers of preschoolers (MOPS) group to travel to the annual MOPS MOMcon in louisville, kentucky. we returned on sunday afternoon, the 23rd. that was the longest i've been apart from bina...

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hello there.

brittain here. just sharing my journey day to day with lots of laughs along the way. 

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June 11, 2019

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