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keep him on the throne and work your a** off

this last week was the busiest week of my work year. i run an event and work a couple of 12 to 14 hour days. it takes a lot of planning and there are a lot of things outside of my control. like. whether or not people significantly above my paygrade show up for what they said they were going to do. i can plan the heck out of this thing and have beautiful itineraries and maps and name badges. but if the people who are supposed to be speaking or wining and dining do not show up... welp. that's that.

to make things just a little more fun... we also got a house in michigan under contract on monday. we last minute decided to fly david up to michigan to be there for the inspection. he left this morning and will be back late monday night. the house was appraised on wednesday and we'll find out tomorrow night or monday morning whether or not it's worth what we have it under contract for. in the meantime, we're furiously trying to get our current home ready to list. we have a million things to do in the next two weeks as we prepare for that. we're stripping it down and packing away half of our belongings to make it look like the house is just staged, and no one lives here. real easy with a 9 month old and two dogs, of course.

and then... last sunday afternoon bina got her first tummy bug. she goes to a friend's house for daycare tuesday through thursday, but was unable to go this week because of poo problems. i prepped at work on monday to stay at home tuesday and worked monday night and tuesday during (limited) nap times to stay on top of my event that started wednesday night. bina also had her procedure to unclog her tear duct on tuesday morning. traumatizing for all of us, but it worked!

so a 45 hour four-day work week later: i am exhausted, david is on his way to michigan, and bina is in her crib boycotting naptime before family yoga. thank god my mom flies in tonight to help out with bina through tuesday afternoon. grandmas save lives.

this past year has been a constant lesson in letting go. there is only so much i can do. i cannot control everything and everyone. i can only do my best, and leave the rest up to god. once when david said he was letting "jesus take the wheel," a friend of ours responded: "nah. keep him on the throne and work your a** off." ha.

my event may not have had any spiritual significance, but i work as unto god. so when things don't go as planned - when people don't show up for their responsibilites and in effect poop on all my hard work - i can get mad, or i can just say: you know what? i have worked very hard to do my part in all this and that's all i can do. and that's really all i'm responsible for. i do my part, and it's up to them to do theirs. god is on the throne no matter who shows up or who doesn't.

towards the end of the event i was told that several of our visitors said this event was the most organized one they have been to. that sure made me happy! maybe they didn't even notice the no-shows that made me so frustrated. either way, god is on the throne.

now that that's over, we turn our focus back to our house hunt and pray to god the house we have under contract appraises and doesn't have any major problems. because i do not want to go through this process again! but if all else fails, we will press on and continue our search knowing that there is a house for us out there. god is on the throne.

time to go get my nap-boycotting crazy kid.

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