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on turning 30

yesterday i turned the big 3-0. and i have to admit, i had been looking forward to it. i read somewhere that women in their 20s report more stress than any other demographic. so i was quite pleased to leave the 20s behind and cross over into 30s. it's going to be a good decade!

little shout out for eli halpin. she's a local austin artist and had her work displayed at the kerbey lane cafe on kerby lane. i totally fell in love with it and told david i wanted one of her paintings for my birthday. got it. love my geese. he also surprised me with my first iphone. gold star times a million.

so now i'm 30. i am out of the rat race. i am who i am and am on the path i'm on. i still get stressed out about things but i feel like i have a better perspective. one thing i've learned in our cross-country moves and having to start from scratch in a new city in a new state twice in our marriage so far is that it just takes time to get used to your new normal. change is always hard, good or bad. but in time, we get used to it and we adapt. like when we moved to austin. when we adopted jake. when we bought a house. when we adopted bella. when we had our first baby. baby was by far the most difficult change, but look at us now. totally rocking the sleep deprived insanity that is parenthood. and by rocking i mean spending most days scratching our heads wondering what in the world we are doing.

yesterday bina gave me the gift of a full night of uninterrupted sleep, a rarity for her in the last month thanks to teething, RSV, and who the heck knows. david sent me adorable photos of bina bina and our dogs in party hats. love.

he also surprised me by bringing bina to work around lunch time, along with two carrot cakes he had baked the night before and that morning.

he's taking nominations for husband of the year award. i went out for happy hour with two of my favorite co-workers. then i came home to a delicious beef stew dinner and a sweet babe. it was quite a lovely day. low key, just how i wanted.

david and i marveled over our beautiful daughter. she was a goal of mine. one baby before 30. check, with six months to spare. we talked about, god willing, what the next baby might be like. and then after going down without a fuss at about 7:30pm, bina woke around 11pm and was up for maybe an hour. then woke again from about 1-3:30am. i ended up feeding her both times. we tried the cry it out method and it kind of worked the first time, but not the second. covered my head with a pillow and tried to go back to sleep. i think i did for a bit, only to be woken up by her still screaming. the kid doesn't cry. she just YELLS. like SO FRIGGIN LOUD. ok. fine. you win, munchkin. she was asleep within minutes of me beginning to feed her. it's amazing how they can go from screaming nut job babies to sweet sleeping angels in a matter of minutes. like. for real? yep. no idea what in the world we're doing. this is parenthood.

i got up at 5:15 to get ready for work. zombie. but hey. i'm no longer 29. it could totally be worse. i love being 30.


hello there.

brittain here. just sharing my journey day to day with lots of laughs along the way.

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