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for the love of design: our first home

jesus got us our first home.

we hadn't planned on getting a home while in austin, but with rapidly rising rental rates and the prospect of not just throwing money into a black hole, we decided maybe it was for us after all. only six months after moving into our lovely apartment in south austin, we bought our first home way up in north austin.

we had bid on three houses before this one. we lost out against other bidders on the first two and the third we had under contract until we found out it had active termites. when our current home went on the market we went to view it the same day and offered on it that night. there were multiple offers again. our offer was accepted simply because it was the first offer and we got it under contract the next day and inspected the day after that. miraculously, we got it 5k under list price (which is unheard of). victory!

david had a vision for this house that i did not. ha. it was small (which is fine for us, we didn't need anything bigger), dark, and outdated. once i warmed up to the idea of it, i cultivated my own vision. i wanted it to be light and bright and simple to make it look and feel larger and more open. around this time i discovered young house love and totally fell in love with their designs. they became my inspritation.

so here we go. before and after.

from the entry looking through the living room to the dining room:

from the dining room looking into the living room:

looking at the entry:

the kitchen (the horror):

the hall leading back to the bedrooms:

the guest bath:

the master bedroom:

the master bath:

more of the hallway:

the second bedroom:

the third bedroom:

of course, the house has undergone more design transformation in the three years that we've spent living here. i'll share more on the process of adding an accent wall and changing the dining room light fixture, as well as the transformation of the office to a sitting room and then sabina's nursery. even the nursery has undergone several revisions. my work is never done! that's what keeps it alive and fun.


hello there.

brittain here. just sharing my journey day to day with lots of laughs along the way.

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