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painting an accent wall

i thought about doing wallpaper in our dining area as an accent wall. but then a friend of mine suggested doing a design with paint. i found the idea of this triangle wall on pinterest, of course. and here is my rendition of it.

first things first: lock the pups behind the baby gate. sorry, pups. you are lovely black dogs and gray would not look that nice on you. and jake, i do not trust that fluffy tail of yours that is always wagging. bella, that goes for you too.

since we have these spectacular textured walls (sarcasm, in case you missed that), the hardest part was painting the dark grey background. even with tape it bled through to the white ceiling and around the corners to the light gray walls. i was about to lose my mind and then my wonderful husband googled and found a tape strategy to keep the paint from bleeding through. AND IT WORKED. he saved the day, and my accent wall.

i loved the dark gray so much that i debated leaving it as is with no triangles. but then i figured well if i hate the triangles, it's not that hard to paint back over them so might as well press on.

for the triangles, i bought several different size sponges and cut them into the shape of a triangle with a kitchen knife.

i measured to see how many lines of triangles i could fit on the wall and then marked how far apart i wanted the lines. i used our laser level and my yardstick to draw vertical chalk lines for me to follow with the sponges.

it was really quick and easy once all the chalk lines were drawn. then it was just a matter of varying the triangle prints for visual interest.

check out this beautiful paint line. perfect. love david. truly the best ever. always humoring me and my whims.

and here's the finished product back when i was on my round table kick. that mirror has been painted three different colors. after this it went back to its second color, navy blue. we now have a large rectangular wooden table. same chairs, but with gray cushions. this felt too boutique-y for my more bohemian style.

my triangle wall served well as the backdrop to my sporadic belly photos throughout my pregnancy.

love that wall. i'll miss it when we move to michigan. but i have big plans for a mural accent wall in my children's craft room or reading room. will be sure to document that project as well. it's going to be spectacular. can't wait!

hello there.

brittain here. just sharing my journey day to day with lots of laughs along the way.

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