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bina's two week poop-a-thon

so before when something was going on with bina, she would just be a crappy night sleeper. the last two weeks she's been a dream at night. two nights ago she slept 8am-8pm, a phenomenon that hasn't happened in i don't even know how long, if ever. and she still took a two hour nap. glorious. she's been sleeping through the night and has been waking around 6am and then taking a solid three hour nap in the afternoons. works for me. makes it easier for us to get out the door in the morning to our various activities, and then i get a solid chunk of time in the afternoons to cook dinner, clean, and do laundry. sometimes i even read!

in addition to her weird eating lately, she's been pooping up a storm. i'll save you the graphic details but every other day she was reaching a total of about eight poopy diapers. and the consistency was not solid. she's also had a clear runny nose for three weeks. i called the nurse line last weekend to be like. should i be concerned? they said it could be a tummy bug or it could be teething or it could be both. so i just took that and ran with it and wasn't too worried. i've been changing all the poo and i haven't gotten any tummy bug so i'm going to go with teething. no teeth yet. that would also make some sense of the picky eating. who knows.

at any rate, it's been a stinky couple of weeks. but the last few days there have been some fun new developments. for example, yesterday for the first time ever bina was helpful in the grocery unloading process. it was a small miracle. she was so cute. i was quickly trying to throw the items that needed to be refrigerated into the fridge. she handed me the cheese and other items from the grocery bags. some that did not need to go in the fridge, but still. she was adorably helpful. i was super encouraging, as if handing me the cheese was like winning the nobel peace prize. because i would love for her to be a helpful presence as we unload groceries. much nicer than tantrum throwing or the like. and much cuter.

when we first got home from the store and i unloaded her and was preparing to unload the groceries, i had the garage door and door into the house open. the dogs ran out and she decided to hang outside with them as i did the unloading. i had the front door open with the storm door closed. bina walked around front and up the porch steps and then started calling me from the other side of the storm door, "mama! mama!" i love hearing her call "mama." doesn't matter if she's happy or upset, it always melts my heart. my little babe. i decided to let her in the house. and that's when she started helping unload the cheese. worked out pretty well for me.

first thing yesterday morning we went to get the oil changed in daddy's car. bina and i waited in the lobby of the oil change place as it was being done. the window door had a little metal flap on the side for people to drop their keys through if they were leaving their car there. bina had a blast playing with that little door. and when it was time to leave she started calling "byeeeeeeee!!!" to the guy behind the counter. she hadn't done that before. then she waved bye. my little charmer.

at the grocery store we continued to practice our "byeeeeeeee!!!" i am totally biased i realize, but i'm pretty sure my munchkin is the cutest munchkin on earth. especially when she's waving and calling "byeeeeeeee!!!" usually the bye also lasts part of the way home in the car. until she starts fussing because she wants out of that carseat.

yesterday afternoon she grabbed a dish towel and laid it on the floor in the dining room. then she carefully smoothed it out so there were no wrinkles or folds. then she said "baby" and walked into the kitchen to retrieve her baby doll. then she placed baby gently on the towel. and my heart just exploded. can't. handle. the. cuteness. baby didn't lay down on the towel just right so she had to re-position her several times. she originally said "baby" last fall before her two months of on and off sickness with lingering ear infections. i was all excited thinking that was the beginning of her starting to talk, but then it kind of halted and she stopped even saying "baby" at all until the last few weeks again. so it's been like four or five months!

so now i'm thinking maybe her language development is causing the disruption of her bowel movements. but surprisingly not affecting her sleep. either way, i'll take poopy diapers over sleepless nights any day. we also have this newfound obsession with removing our socks and shoes. especially the sock and shoe on our right foot while riding in the car. doesn't matter if it's 28 degrees out. barefoot babe it is. oh how i love my crazy little bina bina.

oh and she's also a dog bed hog. bella has met her match. and she does NOT like it.

hello there.

brittain here. just sharing my journey day to day with lots of laughs along the way.

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