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A Vision of Austin

My writing has come in short spurts of journal entries lately. Buying and selling and preparing for another cross-country move with two small humans and two dogs in tow is... incredibly stressful, turns out! Last night I decided to do a little writing exercise and allow myself to imagine being settled in our new home in Austin. I give you: A Vision of Austin.


I am cooking in the kitchen watching the girls play in the backyard. Juni, toddling around the water table pouring water out of it. Bina, jumping in the splash pad. I smile to myself through the window over the sink. I pause to take one deep breath and feel at peace. I turn to my left and take in our home. It’s a beautiful mess. Orange Nugget Comfort cushions strewn across the family room floor with a tower of Bina’s "Christmas blocks" in shades of blue, green,and gray. Bina’s latest obstacle course. Her horses arranged around her barn on the floor. Books placed on picture ledges and open on the floor from reading. Dress up clothes hung on the wall and haphazardly placed around the room. I love this mess. I don’t have to clean it up for anyone. It is ours, and it is beautiful. Evidence of life. Of the people that live here.

Our front room has our big dining table. Art supplies and toys on top. Barely space to place a plate to eat. Full of activity. Overhead, gold circle sphere pendants hang providing visual interest to the two story room full of windows and sunshine. The coral cabinet I bought and painted in Michigan is full of toys and craft supplies, books and games. Pots of paint mounted on the wall beside it. The two art tables in front of the front window covered in bits of paint and the evidence of Bina’s latest project. Scraps of paper with Juni’s scribbles. Paper on the floor. Pencils and markers strewn about. I love it. I never want to pick it up. 

Bina and Juni come in from outside and the dogs excitedly greet them. I call up to David, working from home in our bedroom, that dinner is ready. Bina climbs the stairs to her room to change out of her wet swimsuit and into dry clothes. I pick up Juni and climb the stairs with her on my hip. David comes out of the bedroom and meets me at the top of the stairs. Gives me a kiss and a warm look. A look that says: we did it. We’re here. And there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. He takes Juni and I take a moment to sit on the sofa in the loft, look out the window. Bina runs out of her room changed and ready to go downstairs. We walk down together and she helps me take the food to the table. We sit down for dinner together as a family, dogs eagerly anticipating scraps from Juni and Bina. Bina yells at them to go away and we beckon them to place. We eat.

After dinner we take the dishes to the sink and get the dogs ready to hit the trails. We walk down our street and across another to reach the gravel path. Round the pond. Stop at the garden on the other side and let the girls explore a bit. They decide they want to walk instead of ride. David and I stroll slowly behind them holding hands. We reach the part of the path with the low rock wall and Bina climbs to walk along it, balancing. Juni wants to join her and David holds her hand to steady her as I walk the stroller and the dogs. I smile watching them and wish I had my phone to capture this moment, but I’m satisfied just taking it in as it happens.


And for good measure, I give you some favorite moments with my two tiny humans. Boy are they a trip. I cannot wait for them to be able to play with all of their toys without mama freaking out about keeping the house show ready for strangers. Soon we will be home.


hello there.

brittain here. just sharing my journey day to day with lots of laughs along the way.

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