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10 months of bina!

our little monkey turned 10 months on friday. 10 months! and she doesn't want to sit still and smile for photos in her little green tub anymore. not that she really did that before. i think the only time she was somewhat still was for her one month photo. little wiggle monster.

look how long she is. crazy. when did that happen.

let's reflect on some milestones from the last month:

1. cut two more top teeth, for a total of eight!

2. first barfing stomach bug

3. first trip to the beach

4. walking with assistance

she's getting more and more vocal each day it seems. yesterday we were hanging out with friends at their house and bina was crawling all over the floor chasing the dogs screeching and squealing and screaming with delight. the dogs were terrorized. ha.

i had a flashback to last fall when we were hanging out with the same friends at their house and my friend and i were knotting together a fabric tassel garland for another friend's baby shower. sabina was on a blanket on the floor, cooing. she couldn't move around yet. she just laid there happily. and now she's a little suicidal monkey grabbing everything off the floor and sticking it in her mouth, climbing up everything she can manage, chewing electrical cords, grabbing dogs' faces and tails, and... you know. just normal baby things.

i love her so very much.

we will be in michigan five weeks from today. five weeks from now we'll be in our empty new-to-us house, tired from travel and ready for our furniture to arrive (which won't happen until five days later). i'll be unemployed for the first time in eight years. but i'll have a new 24/7 job: raising the suicidal monkey. i can't wait to be with her as she explores new things and continues to develop ever so rapidly.

when we closed on our house in michigan, the previous owner was watching bina pull herself up using a chair. he looked at her and said something like "the mechanics of that are amazing." haha. truly though, these little babes and all they learn to do in such a short period of time - it really is amazing. i cannot believe that just 10 months ago bina was a little blob of need. all she did was eat, sleep, poo, and cry (a lot). and now she's this tiny little monkey that is oh so very curious about everything around her, loves her puppies, laughs at her daddy and all his crazy antics, squeals with delight when i come home from work, pushes her little wooden cart all around the house bumping into things and smiling, and crawls at the speed of lightening. ok, maybe not that fast. but it takes literally two seconds for her to find the most dangerous thing around her and stick it in her mouth. ha.

oh my bina bina. so thankful that we have been able to enjoy the last 10 months with her turning our lives upside down and bringing us so much joy and love and laughter. i can't wait to see what the next month holds.

hello there.

brittain here. just sharing my journey day to day with lots of laughs along the way.

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